Andalé - Mexican Family Kitchen

Our Ingredients

We work directly with trusted family farms, our corn is all non-GMO and all our dairy products are all rBST-free. Your health is important to us. So is good food.

Andalé Salsas { Muy Fresh Everyday }

Fresh made everyday, these salsas add bright Mexican flavor to each of our dishes. Listed in order of spice, hottest at the top.

Roasted Tomato

Cheeses { Queso Amore }

We all know cheese makes most things taste better. Shredded and melted onto tortillas, stretching out of quesadillas and oozing out of burritos, what more can be said?

Queso Fresco
Sonoma Goat Cheese
Monterey Jack & Mild Cheddar Mixta

Chile Peppers { Mexican Flavor Enhancers }

So many peppers make our food special. Over 150 varieties have been used for thousands of years in Mexican food. Contrary to popular belief though, we use chili peppers for the subtle flavors they bring to the dish—not to make it hot and spicy.

Chile de Arbol

Mexican Sauces { Made From Scratch }

Generations of flavor made from scratch in each of our kitchens. Simple, yet simply the heart of our food.

Avocado Sauce
Chile Ancho
Chile de Arbol
Chipotle Sauce
Maya Sauce

Mexican Spice Rubs { Homemade Daily }

Homemade everyday for mouthwatering marinades. Rubs bring out exquisite flavor in meats, seafood and poultry dishes. The more the rub, the better the taste.

Mayan Achiote
Spice Mixta