Andalé - Mexican Family Kitchen


Art, humor and celebration of culture and spirit—more food for the soul.

We commissioned Greg Brown a master painter, independent thinker and man of humor, to paint murals at our SFO International, San Francisco Centre, Oakland airport and Los Gatos restaurants. Each stunning mural tells our story, the story of our food, our hometown, our ancestors, our passions.

Mural title

The Angel of Saint Gabriel

by Greg Brown

Part of our heritage is the Spanish colonial era
when they brought religious art to Mexico.


The Virgin of Guadalupe

by Greg Brown

She holds a flashlight to throw light on 15-year
old Luis when he was a Franciscan monk.

Mural 3

Chef Fernando

by Greg Brown

Always in good humor, he makes "paper"
airplanes from tortillas at SFO International.

Mural 4

Windy Southwestern Desert

by Greg Brown

At Los Gatos Patio, a police car, tortillas and
chile peppers are tossed about by a big wind.

Mural 5

Angel with Sombrero

by Greg Brown

Inspired by a little Mexican boy he knew, Greg
painted his angelic features for SF Centre.

Mural 6

Ignacio and Luis

by Greg Brown

Painted from a photograph taken in front of our
very first location in Los Gatos.